Manchu Prince Dao (Chinese Saber)

Folded Steel Sanmai Blade, Shark Skin Covered Scabbard, Solid Brass Fitting with Gold Gilding

Blade Length: 28″ long (71 cm.)

Sword Length: 34 3/4″ (88 cm.)

Overall Length: 36″ (92 cm.)

Sword Weight: 1 lb. 13oz. (.83 kg.)

Our List Price: $895

Inspired by Qing Court presentation swords, the Manchu Prince Dao is of the yanmaodao or goose quill saber form. This type of Chinese saber has a very gentle curvature. This means that, while it can be employed to deliver powerful cuts, the tip does not curve up so much that it can not be used for thrusts. This design allows the swordsman to employ thrusting and back edge techniques more commonly associated with the jian (Chinese straight sword) than with the dao and that can not be preformed with saber with a more pronounced curvature.

The fittings of this particular sword are reminiscent of one of the Kangxi emperor’s personal saber that is now housed in the Musée de l’Armée being decorated with dragons executed in an archaic style that is popular on Qing period swords.