Royal Peony Chinese Jian (Gold-plated Chinese Sword)

CDLJ/BB, Folded Steel Sanmai Blade, Black Shark Skin with Blue Grip Wrap

Blade Length: 30″ (76 cm.)

Sword Length: 37″ (94 cm.)

Overall Length: 41″ (104 cm.)

Sword Weight: 2 lb. (.9 kg.)

Huanuo List Price: $1300

Our List Price: $895

The Chinese language makes a strict distinction between the straight, double-edged sword (jian) and single-edged hilt weapons (dao). The jian has a longer history than the dao and because of this has a strong connection with the heroic ethos of classical antiquity. In China, it was considered to be one of the essential accoutrements of a gentleman, along with the writing-brush and the zither.

Jian guards took various shapes and came in three major variations including this rather large and flat type which resembles an “ace of spades.” The central hollow in the guard encloses the throat of the scabbard when the sword is fully sheathed, protecting the blade from dust or moisture. The design and decoration of this Huanuo Jian is copied directly from a Qing dynasty example.

The jian’s symmetrical straight blade and in-line hilt orientation, make it admirably suited for long or short thrusts to various parts of an opponent’s anatomy. The blade has sufficient mass and sharpness to be effective for a variety of cuts as well. These cuts range from short-energy chops directed at an opponent’s wrist or elbow-joint, long-energy cuts to the head and torso, or slashing draw cuts to the neck, legs, and other areas.

Jian swordsmanship focuses on accuracy and subtlety, which makes the techniques more difficult to learn than those of the saber. For this reason, the weapon is associated with men of accomplishment and cultivation, much like the rapier and smallsword were regarded as the arms of gentlemen in sixteenth through eighteenth century Europe.

After several years offering this beautiful sword, we are no longer carrying it.