Historical Illustrations of the Qing Military

A Fourth Rank Qing Military Officer wearing a jacket with the Tiger adorned badge of his rank, probably Kangxi period. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Qing Archers in Beijing

Qing soldiers practicing archery on the street in Beijing, 1894.

Emporer Qianglong’s troops battling Muslim insurgents

Manchu Archer

Qing Bannerman armed with Matchlock Musket

Qing Troops preparing for battle with Taiping Rebels

Qing Officer ca. 1900, note the European style saber he carries

Qing Troops armed with European weapons circa 1900

Qing troops fighting the French at Fuzhou during the Opium War

General Li Hongzhang leading the European drilled artillery during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895)

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