Miao Dao/Dan Dao

Forged 5160 High Carbon Steel, 18″ Leather Wrapped Handle, Steel Fittings.

Blade Length: 34 3/4″ long (88 cm.)

Sword Length: 57″ (145 cm.)

Overall Length: 36″ (92 cm.)

Sword Weight: 3lb 8 oz. (1.6 kg.)

Point of Balance: 3 1/2″ (9 cm.)

Hanwei List Price: $709

Our List Price: $599

The term Miao Dao (苗刀), or Sprout Saber in English, has become a popular term synonymous with all long Chinese two-handed sabers. Long sabers of this type were popular at the end of the Ming dynasty, made famous by General Qi Jiguang. The raise in the use of these two-handed weapons was a response to both internal disorder and external threats from the Mongols and Manchus. This saber type saw a revival again during the Chinese Republic when Miao Dao forms were practiced and codified at the the Central Guoshu Academy in Nanjing. This particularly long version on offer was known as a Dandao (單刀). The Dandao was inspired by the Japanese nodachi (野太刀) and was recorded in the first Chinese martial manual to be written in a straight forward fashion with accompanying illustrations. A translation of that Manual, the Dandaofa Xuan (單刀法選), is now available as an eBook.