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Taiji Sword FestivalThe International Taiji Sword Festival in 2002 was the first event of its kind. The Festival was a complete treatment of Chinese swordsmanship with the Yang Family Michuan Taiji Jian (sword) forming the core of the daily training. As a complete treatment of the sword art students worked from the basics of proper grip and stance through cuts and form, two-person drills and free swordplay. As a counterpoint to training with the jian, Festival participants also learned the Miaodao form (a type of two-handed Chinese saber) along with its martial applications.

This video records the events of this intensive training. It includes a demonstration of the Yang Family Michuan Taiji Jian by Scott M. Rodell (the Festival’s Director) showing simultaneous back and side views. The video also contains the public demonstrations held at Narva Castle at the Festival’s end. This demonstration includes the Miaodao, Wu Style Taiji Jian, basic cuts, Taiji spear and empty hand sets.

The video demonstrates the Miaodao form at slow speed. There are interviews with instructors and Festival attendees who offer their views of swordsmanship.

This DVD is sold out.