Taiji Notebook for Martial Artists

About Taiji Notebook for Martial Artists

Taiji Notebook for Martial Artists: by Scott M. Rodell is a highly readable and informative account of the author’s realizations and understandings, internal and martial, acquired over decades of committed study. Over the past decades, Rodell was very fortunate to study with very fine teachers, several of who bridged the old pre-modern taijiquan world with our time. Teachers such as Wang Yen-nien and T.T. Liang. In Taiji Notebook, Rodell eloquently addresses and explains many of the subtle sticking points that he has experienced in practice and that other practitioners frequently encounter in their training. The gems found in this book will prove to be an invaluable resource for any taijiquan practitioner who wishes to deepen their understanding and experience of the art.

Publisher: Seven Stars Books & Video
81 Pages, with 17 black and white photos & calligraphy by famous masters
$13.95, ISBN: 0-9743999-3-0