Rodell Sparring Jian

Scott Rodell Sparring Jian

Blade Length: 30.5″ (77.5 cm.)

Sword Length: 39 1/2″ (100.5 cm.)

Sword Weight: 2 lb. 3 oz (990 g.)

Length and weight may vary.

MSR $349.00

Our Price $239.00

Designed by teacher and author*, Scott M. Rodell, this simple and elegant jian is a revival of the classic Chinese straight sword. This purpose built sword is designed for sparring practice. The overall design of this sword is based on Rodell’s years of study of 1,000s of antique Chinese jian.

* Rodell’s books on swordsmanship include, “Chinese Swordsmanship – the Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition,” and “Test Cutting for Historical Swordsmanship,” both available on this site.