Longquan Goose Quill Chinese Saber

Longquan Goose Quill Dao (Chinese Saber)

Blade Steel: Sanmai (three plate) pattern welded steel.

Blade Length: 31″ (79 cm.)

Sword Length: 39″ (99 cm.)

Overall Length: 41″ (104 cm.)

Sword Weight: 2 lb 13 oz (1.27 kg.)

Decoration/Materials: Brass fittings with Hardwood Scabbard.

Each blade is individually hand forged so lengths & weights may vary slightly.


The Yanmaodao or Chinese Goose Quill Saber was a side are commonly carried by Bannermen throughout the Qing dynasty. The relatively straight, gently curving blade terminates in a double edge tip. This overall shape allows this dao to deliver robust blows, but also allows for a lively use of the tip including the ability to employ many techniques from the jian, the Chinese straight sword.